Monday, January 30, 2006

teccie help

and here, to prove I cannot manage the pc without help, is a picture of my technician! he watches that cursor for me in case it gets away!


Sunday, January 29, 2006

the organist

I worked this afternoon ...............and during the sermon - our organist does her paperwork ;-)

how many times can an organist listen to the same sermon?

me? - I'm pracising my quick sketches


Saturday, January 28, 2006

little people

I went junk shopping today - to look for 'found' treasures to incorporate into my art stuff. I got some great things - some small old bottles, dominos, a tin of old Caran D'Ache pencils (which Ulf forgot to pack so they got left behind ! :-( ) an angel fridge magnet, a bag of glorious marbles, a plastic mirror, and a sun brooch. But the best of all was a 'Mexican' or' South American' type headband.

Now nothing fantastic about that you say ................but glued onto the head band are 12 little figures - arm in arm , dancing! It is so happy - so I bought it at a cost of about 30 pence (English) 5 kronor to me.

When I got home and dismantled the headband I was awestruck by the construction of the figures - each made in wire and wound with wool, they are complete with hands, arms, legs and feet. Each head is clay, mounted on wire, and painted features. Hats are made of stiffened fabric. The male figures have different colour shirts to trousers and a poncho embellishment. The ladies have a scarf tied around the neck and all had knickers on - I looked ;-)

They measure not more than 3/4 inch tall - top to toe ............thats about 3 cms! they are absolutely fantastic ..........and I am blown away.


Friday, January 27, 2006

figuring out the folk

I am still working on my 'forest folk' for my next exhibition - 2 are more or less complete and the third is under construction!


draw draw draw

I am still trying to do quick sketches - something that really eludes me - so I practise at every moment I can!

This evening Ulf and me were sitting at the table - me doodling and sketching as usual, and him doing suduko in the paper ...............great opportunity for a quick sketch!

Zaz ;-)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

EDM 51

I did not like this challenge ;-) I do not like television and do try to avoid watching it as much as possible - we have one of those wall mounted jobbies which is less obtrusive than the black box type - but nevertheless I would dispose of it given my way ;-)

But I did the sketch - which was very challenging - and whilst I was doing it I was watching an English programme called 'Life Laundry' - its all about a lady who goes about sorting out other peoples clutter and then tidies and reorganises their homes!

I am always interesting how the connection is made between untidiness and peoples past - and how much better they feel when confronted with a tidy, clean home. I like the pshycology of the programme. I have a sister who could defoinietly do witht the 'life laundry'. :0)

Cant think much has really affected me that has been on the 'box' - possibly Erica Wilson way back in time with her embroidery programme ..................did that start me on the road to textile art? Hhhhhmmmmmm dont know!


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

and yet more snow

cant believe it - when I woke up this morning yet more snow!!! another 10 cms - so that means more ploughing and shovelling! The novelty is beginning to wear off now - so I do hope that spring is not far around that corner! ยด:-)
so here is the evidence - my ever so tiny snow plough - that works so hard ! the cleared and ploughed car park! and the view over the church wall when I just needed to stand back and admire the beauty of the place ............cant help but be impressed with Sweden - fantastic!!!


Monday, January 23, 2006


and here is where I work - loads of snow but beautiful!

zaz ;-)


we had a meeting today at work! I hate I tried to sketch the people and that was very tricky :0)

Firstly I tried to sketch them without them knowing and secondly I am useless at quick sketches - and this is something I definitely want to work on -

So you can see it is very tentative but at least I had a go and that is a very very big plus!

I also worked on more sketches of cats - for Illustration Friday - I would like to be ale to do more 'cartoon'type sketches so had a go at that!

Hooray for meetings - more sketching time ;-)

Zaz ;-)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Illustration friday - cat .....and artistic confessions

ok at last I played catch up and here is my sketch of a cat - my cat actually! His name is Trigger and is all white .......and a total pickle! Now for my confession - I did this sketch from a photo - cos he just won't sit still long enough to be drawn! And if he thinks I am sitting and watching him he comes over all purry and sweet so I have to stop!

Now one thing I would like to improve with my arty stuff this year is the quick sketch - the catching the moment type thing - I am hopeless at that and far too slow!

Still hopefully with all this practise never knows

Zaz ;-)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

cold again!

minus 7 all day! and they forecast snow - half a metre! So that means shovelling when it arrives ! But at least it will give me something to do !! Although I love my job there isnt so much to do in the winter - so that gives me a chance to catch up on my sketching and drawing.

this little sketch I did in my office - just showing the 'bits' on the window sill - my plant, the little angel, a mug and a vase of flowers ...........not a brilliant sketch bit a short 20 minutes snatch. Quite a nice reminder when I leave to move to another churchyard in April least I have captured a moment in time !

I am so chuffed with my moleskine journal ............and now I read they are bringing out a watercolour version in Feb 2006 ................woooooooo ........cant wait for that! Its on my list of 'must haves'.

Zaz ;-)

figures and exhibitions!

well, I am still working on my figures! Made up 4 heads last night - at least the forms in foil, and tonight , hopefully, I will do the clay outers! my 3 hanging figures - are coming on now and I have dyed the fabric with tea which gave them a real 'lived in ' look!

I have a number of idea for more figures but I need a peaceful period to get these ideas out of my 'moleskine' and into fabric.

these sketches show some rough ideas - I have found that getting ideas down is a definite help so I try to do some every day! here shows the ideas for 'tear drop' person (love that name ) and the raggy one ..........

I am also still working on my sketching and drawing, and keeping up well at the moment with Illustration Friday and Everyday Matters - 2 Yahoo sketching groups!

Zaz ;-)

Monday, January 16, 2006

challenge 50

well this one coudn't have come at a better time! Really ratty day at work - and they are moving me again ! Another church another churchyard and I dont want to move - really! So my sanctuary is in my art and my home! Believe it !

This sketch was done today when I got home - feeling really ragged and cheesed off - but thankful that I come home and there's my workroom , my art and my sanctuary!

This isnt the main entrance to our home - its the cellar entrance but it is direct into my workroom and I love that! So here it is in all its messiness! washing machine , work bag (just dumped on the stool) and ironing board! Once I get through that door - its bliss!

illustration friday

well of course ...................'e' is for elves


Sunday, January 15, 2006

what I'm working on

just now I am working on these hanging woodland figures! I have an exhibition in April and nothing is finished yet!

I am fighting my inner critic ...................

....they must work as I have no time to fiddle around ........I intend to add threads and more materials and paint


Friday, January 13, 2006

everyday matters - challenge - refridgerator

at last!

I have caught up with this challenge - must say it didnt inspire me so I put off doing it. But I did learn something from it - mainly to do with lines and angles - and also drawing exactly what I am seeing and NOT what I think I am seeing. Thanks to Danny for that (having read THE book!)

so here it is - best I can do - now on with the next one ;-)


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

working on the faces

Now I am trying to really work out these faces ................I just believe if I can get them 'right' the rest will follow ............................. hopefully .

I love the wide eyed look - not necessarily 'sweet and pretty' but more elfin like - if not a bit evil looking. :0)

This scan is my latest doodlings - and I am getting there - but it takes time and a lot of sketching!

I am trying also to keep up with 'Everyday matters' group and the Illustration friday group both of which need a sketch a week on a given topic. This weeks topic for IF is sea????? dont live close to that so I am struggling. The EdM challenge is the inside of the fridge ..........ha! mine is nearly always empty (not thru lack of funds but in attempt to avoid calorific temptation).

Off to find a sketchbook :0)


Saturday, January 07, 2006

edm challenge 48

the challenge this week was to draw your goals and aims for 2006. That was tough. But eventually I settled on that I would sketch a bunch of tulips I had bought. I chose this because I am not good at sketching and thought it would be a challenge for me but also cos I liked the 'flowering' idea - that I might 'flower' and grow this year as an artist.

I have had nearly two very dry artistic years and feel that 2006 will be a new start for my art.

However, because I put off the sketching (terrified to start) the tulips went over and 'exploded! which, of, course made them even more difficult to draw.

So now I have learned even more! Never put off til tomorrow that which you KNOW you should be doing today!

Heres my sketch , well a part of it anyway- I did it in a large sketch book and that doesnt fit my scanner ............

Zaz ;-)

Friday, January 06, 2006

holiday weekend

big holiday weekend here in Sweden - epiphany. I am working though - still plenty to do in the church!

Hoping this weekend (after work) to get on with some more sketches - have to do the weekly challenge for Everyday Matters - sketch your goals for 2006 ...............not sure what to do for that but will possibly work on figures as that is my main target for 2006 and the exhibitions.

I collected a lot of boxes over the Christmas period so will look at those to be used somewhere in my art .........I like the idea of boxes - being boxed in - living out of boxes - working out of the box - they conjure up a lot of ideas .................................. there was a great article in Embroidery mag about stitching on wood - now that idea i like!

this is why I live and work here in Sweden - how beautiful is my workplace !

Zaz ;-)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

elf faces

I am still trying to construct these faces and spend a lot of time working and deciding which I prefer.

Now I have painted them , and even tried a new style , but i prefer the original so think I will work with that! Not much time today to sketch (was hoping to this afternoon but was interupted!) so must try to sketch something tomorrow ......even if just to keep practising!

Also I have just bought a new book 'The Creative License' by Danny Gregory which is fantastic so I will take time out to read that this weekend. So much to do - this creative business takes time................but I still feel so positive with everything at the moment I am enjoying the moment ;-)

Its a bank holiday this weekend in Sweden , but I am working (church of course) but will sketch something this weekend and thats a promise!

Zaz ;-)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


when I drove to work today it was -19 - now that is cold! But it is oh so beautiful with the snow in the trees. By lunchtime we had a clear blue sky - pure magic.

here are some pictures of where I work - yes, its a churchyard - my little red off ice (a real home and from home ) and my 2 helpers ..............

couldnt be better!


Monday, January 02, 2006

elf no 2

heres a picture of my next face - elf 2 off the press! I am aiming to do one a night so that I improve in my sculpturing skills. I have tried different methods to construct the face, and think this works slightly better ...............Really loving this sculpturing..........

also just got the topic for 'everyday matters' - the sketching group.............. sketch one of my goals for 2006!

still thinking ..............wheres my moleskine when I need it !

Zaz ;-)


this is what I am working on at the moment- sculpturing a face for an elf out of paper clay - 'Silkis' is the trade name. Not a great picture I know but the face is currently in the beginning stage so will post more of it later.

I am going to make a cloth body and limbs and possibly mount it in a box .......I got so many great ones for Christmas via my husbands office (the wine holder type). I am going to cover it and then mount the elf inside.

I have ideas along the Victorian stuffed animal lines - except mines an elf !

I have got some great hair for him - tibetan goat skin , its absolutely gorgeous.

Also I am currently in love with Moleskines , the little sketch book - I bought 2 just after Xmas and then ordered 3 more yesterday...they are so neat for quick sketches - love them!

Just off to town might check the art shop for some sale goods!


Sunday, January 01, 2006

rocket people

so this is what I'm working on right now - stuff for an exhibition in the Spring - and I know if I dont get some work down I'm sunk!

So these people ...........notice their look of surprise - popped into my Moleskine today! Love them! they need more work but the potential is there ...................

Now all I have to do is transfer them to fabric and thread ........................hhhmmmm

back to the drawing board


yet more of the white stuff!

Oh no! Jan 1st and yet more snow! Now very deep - so that means loads of shovelling over the next few days!

So pretty though - went out this morning for a walk and it wonderful , peaceful and so quiet.

Picture here shows view taken from my verandah out into the garden ............

Zaz ;-)