Monday, January 02, 2006


this is what I am working on at the moment- sculpturing a face for an elf out of paper clay - 'Silkis' is the trade name. Not a great picture I know but the face is currently in the beginning stage so will post more of it later.

I am going to make a cloth body and limbs and possibly mount it in a box .......I got so many great ones for Christmas via my husbands office (the wine holder type). I am going to cover it and then mount the elf inside.

I have ideas along the Victorian stuffed animal lines - except mines an elf !

I have got some great hair for him - tibetan goat skin , its absolutely gorgeous.

Also I am currently in love with Moleskines , the little sketch book - I bought 2 just after Xmas and then ordered 3 more yesterday...they are so neat for quick sketches - love them!

Just off to town might check the art shop for some sale goods!



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