Thursday, January 19, 2006

figures and exhibitions!

well, I am still working on my figures! Made up 4 heads last night - at least the forms in foil, and tonight , hopefully, I will do the clay outers! my 3 hanging figures - are coming on now and I have dyed the fabric with tea which gave them a real 'lived in ' look!

I have a number of idea for more figures but I need a peaceful period to get these ideas out of my 'moleskine' and into fabric.

these sketches show some rough ideas - I have found that getting ideas down is a definite help so I try to do some every day! here shows the ideas for 'tear drop' person (love that name ) and the raggy one ..........

I am also still working on my sketching and drawing, and keeping up well at the moment with Illustration Friday and Everyday Matters - 2 Yahoo sketching groups!

Zaz ;-)


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