Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Now the pictures of my studio - it sits so pretty in the garden with a backdrop of fields and the mountain. This is the view behind the studio looking away from the house.

Looking out of the door of the studio I get a great view over the garden usually accommpanied by a game of ball with Charlie! as you see - always waiting for a game ........

and from my window at the studio table I can see the front drive, the archway leading into the garden, the kitchen garden and the Swedish flag!

Quite nice all in all

Zaz ;-)

tails of white

Someone who lives in NY asked me about the white tail that was seen wondering about my house - so Jordi - let me introduce to you ''Trigger'' the amazing box sculpturer.............................

Trigger works hard at creating works of art out of ordinary household boxes

this is not an easy task and is certainly not performed by any old garden moggie - you know!

it takes hours of practice and has taken Trigger years of educational training.
but trigger has almost purrfected his art

Now it just has to be sold to the general public and the art galleries ........... talk about Tracey Emins unmade bed ......??? move over Tracey - here comes Triggers rip and spit box top!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

my computing place

this post is really for Jordi who has been asking for pictures of my workplace........well here they are Jordi - the view from my computer of my ''ever-so- tiny' house.
Firstly the chair at which I sit and surf, write mails, chat with my friends and generally ''compute''

Then there is the picture of my tiny kitchen area which I can see, and almost touch, from the computer room

then there is the little dining area - cosy and beautiful - next to the kitchen.

and then from my computer room window is the view of my studio ..........
Now who doesnt believe I live in a very tiny house !

Keeps me tidy though - and needs next to no cleaning !

Just as well I am a little person :0)

I will post views from the studio when it is daylight again


Monday, August 11, 2008


Now I have almost completed the second major part of this module and I working with stones - at least textile stones !

I am fairly pleased with the results - stitched and painted stone structures that have been hand stitched with cave like paintings and drawings - I am hoping they resemble fossils and least that is what they are meant to do

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Im too sexy for my box


driftwood angels

another long pause in blogging ................sorry!

These driftwood angels have been on exhibition all summer - combining driftwood found locally with embellished angelic clothing.
I have been working with my Opus course - and struggling with it too. This last module has really caused me some grief but I have at last got to grips with it and am nearing the end of it with a month in hand!
I am working on stone structures so will post pictures as soon as I have finished my final pieces.
Then its heads down to the next module .....................