Thursday, April 26, 2007

ageing angels

I have now finished two of my ageing angels series - one more to go before next weeks hanging. This one above is called 'does the attitude come with age?' .................. or 'attitude ' for short! She is the culmination of a number of things - first the old flour bag, remember? Old things are not neccessarily scrap heap material.
Second the love of girly colours and fluff .........does that increase with age?

The hat and long rasta plaits - is that a long term wish that can only be achieved when one is in control of self image ............and that only comes later in life (doesnt it?).

The ballet shoes and feathers ...............dreams are made of that - as well as unachieved ambitions.

and then there's the attitude .................... the arms crossed, defiant, eyes shut, not listening face.

Is this figure a reflection of me ?? No - it isnt really but I know people like it!

and here is 'the authoress' - 'the writing lady' - I think we all know someone like this - a little bit OTT - talented but has unachieved ambitions. Face depicts - deep in thought and planning the next book.

The colours are a little of date but environmentally friendly - so good enough! Arms crossed in a do not disturb statement. Pen nibs hang from her dress in readiness for the next installment..........

Her hair is unkempt but tied up in an attempt to look 'tidy'

and all my ageing angels have hairy legs .................... but then everybody has hairy legs .......dont they?


sommar kurs

Äntligen har jag en sommar kurs bokad !!! Jag ska leda en kurs på frittbroderi här på Nordiska Akvarell museet .... en underbar ställe och vi (jag som en ledare) med 6 deltagare ska ta inspiration och ideer från havet , berg och våren utsikt!

Jag har bokat en av deras konst atelje - till vänster i bilden - för 3 dagar i juni - den 17 - 18 och 19 ................. och så ska vi njuta, brodera, rita , skissa och prova nya ideer, stygn, material osv
Vilken chans att slappna av, glömma vardagliga problem och vara kreativ bara!

Om ni är intresserad - kontaka mig så snart så möjligt - platser är begränsad
At last I have managed to book a summer school !! I am the tutor for a course in free and modern embroidery to be held here at the Nordic watercolour Museum an amazing place! We (me as tutor) and six students will take our inspiration and ideas from the sea, the mountain scenery and the view from the window.
I have booked one of their guest artists studios - to the left of the large red building in the picture - for 3 days in June - 17th 18th and 19th.................... and on these days we shall just enjoy the atmosphere, embroider, sketch, draw and try out new ideas, materials and stitches.
What an opportunity to relax, forget the everyday mundane problems and just be creative.
Interested? Contact me as soon as possible - places are limited.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I am making a new series for my exhibition next week .......(eek!)

They are called 'ageing angels' and even though I have made the long legged figures before - these are slightly different.
I am using very old materials - old flour sacks - its an attempt to make the statement that even though things seem old and useless they do not deserve being put on the scrap heap. - Does that sound familiar?
Here is the start of them .........still under production . Sorry about the headless state - but they have to be more or less finished before the head goes on .........

but they will sort of look like this - when headed


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

charming to the USA

life ! between work and play I somehow have lost a month - well almost! Now I must work towards a new exhibition in May - so regular updates with progressions will (hopefully) appear here..........

but in the meantime - I have been swapping! and I have made 5 charms all now posted off to the USA
5 miniature garden scenes all signed and 'starred' on the back...............
oh! and TBag Ted is winging his way as we speak ........
Zaz ;-)