Sunday, October 29, 2006


Ok - I know I have abandoned my blog ........but time flies - or thats what the proverbial says ;-)

Also I have been very busy ..........with dragons ! Next week is half term and I am doing a workshop with 125 children making paper dragon puppets and thats an awful lot of cutting out - believe me!

So here is the idea - the concertina bit in the middle was not my idea - but it works great - but the head and tail and thready stuff are my own, and free drawn !!

Will report back on progress with the 125 little darlings

zaz ;-)

Monday, October 09, 2006

re-assessing and acknowldeging the parentage

every once in a while something happens that makes one stop short and restock! It can be a happening, a book, a show, a song ...........anything!

Recently it happened to me - I have been reading a book called The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp A book that is outstanding in its interpretation of creativity and how we approach it.

In this book Ms Tharp addresses the subject of childrens photos - she laughs out loud at being presented with other peoples childrens and baby photos - what resemblance? what about grandads nose??? '' Frankly'' she says '' I just dont get it''. She then goes on to describe in such beautiful detail a picture of herself as a child ..........................and the interpretation.

I feel the same - I hate to see other peoples baby photos ..............but this one of me speaks a thousand words.

What do I see?

I see a little girl keen to learn , hence the book, but with one eye looking over her shoulder for the next challenge to appear. I see a little girl with a glint in her eyes - a mischieveous love of life and a ability to be happy and consider herself lucky in this life.

I see a girl who loves to be outside , not a natural country child, note the cushion, but none the less loves to be outside .............providing the comfort zone is intact!

I see a little girl ready to take her place in the w0rld - confident on her own, but perhaps looking for that little reassurance that we all need along the way. I see a child who loves to pose, to dress up but actually reveals a shyness that clearly needs the nod of approval.

I see a girl whos dress sense leave a lot to be desired but who is unafraid to experiment with the textures of a pattern dress, grey woolly socks and leather sandals. A feminine tomboy? - even at this young age.

I see a dancer, an artist, a learner, a poser, a cheeky person ............these things are the imprint of me . This picture may have been taken more years ago than I care to think about, but it is me - and I am all there in that picture.

Thanks Mum and Dad for providing me with this huge, wonderful, amazing gift of life - I salute and love you both.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

watching me watching you

since moving to my little house on my magic island (thanks for that title Nadine ) I have become a computer nerd!

I know you might find this unbelievable but I spend more or less every waking hour staring at the screen.

The reason? I have become involved in a second passion that I have ...............on line training! I am totally totally fascinated by it and have been for the last 10 years - ever since I took an online trainers certificate with the Constabulary in Cheltenham.

So in my magic house I now have web camera that i use for 'on line meetings' and it sits on top of the pc looking down at me whilst I study away , investigate , and spend hours pouring over academic websites.

Of course I haven't abandoned my art - far from it ! i have recently set up two large exhibitions and one small display ......and am off tomorrow to make contact with another gallery for an exhibition next year.

This verĂ½ interesting package arrived from Workshop on the Web this week ........waiting for me to stop staring at the screen and do something creative !

so I will ........and will post the results when I have completed them.

In the meantime this is a book that is top of my reading list at the moment ......thoroughly recommended!