Wednesday, August 23, 2006

paring down

I have read on a number of blogs recently about 'paring down - a good and enjoyable read is Shirley's - and as I am also in the process of that horrible affliction I thought it would be interesting to post a picture of my new abode!

its teeny tiny - rather like living in trailer I suppose but smaller ! But its gorgeous and I wouldnt change it for the world!

Of course the upside is, is that whilst I have pared down all the essentials like linens, clothes, ornaments (those horrible dust gathering things) and more than half my furniture - I have not discarded one skein of thread, one screwed up remnant of very interesting paper or any of the mounds of materials I have accumulated ! Quite rightly all my art equipment is coming, every last book (however old or dusty!) and all of the storage units that house my ever increasing mound!

And the outcome ???? I live in my studio! Brilliant idea - why has it taken me so long to think of it - no more housework cos I havent got any living accomodation - no more visitors (unless the understanding arty sort of course who are always welcome!) - and no more cooking cos there is no kitchen , only the place with the sink and the cooker where I do my my dying and heat destructing!

Who needs living accomodation anyway?

Zaz ;-)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

on the move

and yes I am on the move - again! so this is currently the pc room - devoid of most furniture.......which has been tipped, binned or shipped off to auction!

so I am working in a space with nothing on the walls - no decorations to look at and no comfort!

Just loads of cables ...................and whoops!! is that a wine glass besides the pc ???

guess a girl has to have some small comfort in life ;-)

Sunday, August 13, 2006


I am naming my series of new figures 'the listeners' - cos they hang around just being good listeners! Good friends? yes - arent they always the ones that say nothing!! I have needed a few of these this year!

So here are a few of them .........listeners............

just wall hanging figures that can be a friend when one is needed!

I have really enjoyed making this series - 12 in all .

Non judgemental - empathetic - sympathetic - caring....................the ideal 'listener'.


Thursday, August 10, 2006


I am so pleased to have been accepted into a new group - they're not new - but rather I am new to it!

I had to leave some of my work to be assessed and they said 'yes'!!! I am delighted - its a great shop and plenty of turists!

heres the site for the arts and crafts centre.


Thursday, August 03, 2006

ladies ladies ladies!!!!

5 new ladies have appeared today - in the nick of time too!! This is a pattern that I worked on about 6 years ago in response to an online doodle doll class that I taught! '

Well , I have just sold 2 of them - (I know I know - they took 6 years to sell!!) so now , as I have none left, I have revisited the pattern..................

I have enjoyed the applique and , strange to say, the quilting - not something that is my forte!

But here they are ...................selling at £18 each! Go forth ladies and hit the high street!


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

being back

well it is nice - I must say- being back, that is.

But the round of ever frantic things gets in the way - and at the moment I really dont know if I am coming or going!

However - I think we have sold the house - one problem less - so at last I am free to make dolls for the exhibition .....................'

meet 'Fenix' - she arrived this afternoon- encouraging me to shut up and get on with it!

Good old Fenix .........