Friday, February 06, 2015

one of those days!

when nothing goes right !!

and one just feels like this...........

But then there is always tomorrow :0)

zaz ;0)

Tuesday, February 03, 2015


well, I am feeling a little homesick!  Unbelievable after 16 years of living abroad.....working here and being fluent in the lingo...... and what has brought about this phenomonem?  Am I missing Marmite? Oxo stock cubes or a bucket of rosie with Sainsburys red label???

Fact is , is that it is none of those.  I am missing the Embroiderers Guild - the branch meetings, the contact with wonderful , crazy like minded people.  I belonged to 2 branches of the EG and enjoyed every minute of the monthly workshops, the exhibitions , the talks and yes, the very long winded committee meetings.  And it is that lack of contact that is currently causing  my bout of homesickness and missing blighty.

Embroidery classes, workshops and contact with others is just not the same here in Sweden- I cant explain why but it isnt.

I wondered if there was an online branch of EG for people like me who are ex-pats but I havent come up with anything.

I also wondered about starting my own  branch of EG here - now that could be fun and challenging but dont know if its ''doable''.

Oh well!  I shall continue to surf and drool ...........and just remember those heady days of branch meeting and Xmas socials with  a sales table....................

off to the studio today - pictures later