Tuesday, November 23, 2010

the Tjörn thingy finished

and I have too...........finished I mean! and my inspiration for this?
The sea, the wooden boats, the fishing tradition, the island tradition, the Tjörn bridge, the tourist invasion and not least of all the arts and crafts of Tjörn........
Guess I got most of it covered
Zaz ;-)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tjörn the island ........

Someone asked me today why I blogged (hej hej Britt Marie) - and I dont know why really. But it has been a good record of all the house moves, animal antics and not least a record of my art stuff.

This is the start of a piece of work for Tjörn - the island where I currently live. It has to be representative of Tjörn - now how tricky is that for a figure maker?

So my boats and the sea are just the beginning - this evenings work - it has to be finished by Friday!

I expect it will - I have yet to add Tjörn bridge and a few stitch details - then I am done.
Zaz ;-)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

home woven and precious

I have just started 2 new hangings - involving vintage lino cuts ( unfortunately I do not know who or where they were cut) - paper and hand embroidery. But the best of all and by far the most precious is the background material. A hand woven bedsheet.
It is gloriously soft and sympathetic and bears a whole lifetime of history. I am having to be extra careful cutting into it and using it sparingly. It is delightful to work with.
Even the shadows of the material are fantastic.

A work made with love by an awe inspired embroiderer.

Recycling at its very very best.


The Last MsT

I have sold the last of my Ms T's . Sad but I may remake her one day - one day.

She has come a long way over the years - truly a development of style, character and work. They were both sold to a journalist who has bought them for her daughters Christmas presents. Strong women - she said - both daughters. And MsT fits the bill perfectly!

MsT is a strong character too .........I hope they both have good homes!
Zaz ;0)