Tuesday, October 03, 2006

watching me watching you

since moving to my little house on my magic island (thanks for that title Nadine ) I have become a computer nerd!

I know you might find this unbelievable but I spend more or less every waking hour staring at the screen.

The reason? I have become involved in a second passion that I have ...............on line training! I am totally totally fascinated by it and have been for the last 10 years - ever since I took an online trainers certificate with the Constabulary in Cheltenham.

So in my magic house I now have web camera that i use for 'on line meetings' and it sits on top of the pc looking down at me whilst I study away , investigate , and spend hours pouring over academic websites.

Of course I haven't abandoned my art - far from it ! i have recently set up two large exhibitions and one small display ......and am off tomorrow to make contact with another gallery for an exhibition next year.

This verĂ½ interesting package arrived from Workshop on the Web this week ........waiting for me to stop staring at the screen and do something creative !

so I will ........and will post the results when I have completed them.

In the meantime this is a book that is top of my reading list at the moment ......thoroughly recommended!



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