Saturday, April 07, 2018

a stitchy sort of day

teaching today - free embroidery, free weaving - a day that is a' must have'  on my list of inspirational  days ¨.  Sharing with others the joys of stitching................

couldnt be better!

Next time - the angel is thats a little secret!  But it will be inspirational again!!


Sunday, April 01, 2018

Älg - or moose?

The moose just stood and watched me
one clear, but cold, spring night.
And I looked back towards the moose
and then he just took flight...............

Relaterad bild


Friday, March 30, 2018

no room for coffee

Coffee table is so overloaded with plants in waiting................soon - we can all get out !


Must start again

Yes - it is time I revisited the blog.  Been two years - and I have done a fair amount in that time.  The embroidery still fills my time - and my self with a passion.  As does the garden, the two cockers and my house...................

Pictures will follow - of my latest achievments , failures and of the living room now full to bursting with seedlings , waiting for the ice to thaw.

Please return again...............

Sunday, September 18, 2016

evening light

its getting colder and darker.

that makes for more stitching and cosy firelit evenings.

autumn is Ok with me - i will be out picking up acorns.


Thursday, September 15, 2016


Life is a spiral , always moving - sometimes it just up to us if we spiral up or down - but we are always in motion ...............spiralling.

dyed vintage material with plant dyes, patched and stitched

in unseasonal warm weather its good to slow down and spiral slowly.

But then there is always the cat, moon watching.


Thursday, August 18, 2016

what if ?

Like any artist I am contantly re-assessing my work - endeavouring to move forward, experiment and interpret the new ideas that constantly fill my head.  But often I am concerned that this 'experimentmental, try-out' time is not exactly productive, not quick enough for it to be a success

I am not saying that I consider it to be time wasted but often when working to deadlines and workshop/exhibition  dates it is hard to let hours go by on a 'what if 'train of thought.

Developing new themes, ideas, techniques takes time and an awful lot of energy and effort, and whilst I advocate the 'dont throw it away' line, I find that weeks can fly by in this experimental mode of work.

Recently I was struck by a rather strange thought.  It started with a locally organised open water colour exhibition - anyone could submit a painting ( and it had to be a painting - no stitch and no medium that would detract from the water colour medium itself).  It was open to all residents here on the island - both professional and amateur artists.

So I submitted a painting of 'fox terriers' gaily going on a parade in a garden.  A funny little picture painted spontaneously, no planning or deep thinking - just a happy little picture.

The competition was judged by a group of artists - they had a whole load more paintings than was necessary and therefore several were rejected.

But my 'foxterriers on parade' was accepted  and duly hung in the gallery.  The following day I returned to the gallery only to find the picture had been sold (almost immediately) and was proudly displaying the official red dot!  No-one was more surprised than me!  The painting was a long way from my usual technique  and a long way from embroidery or textile art.

It has caused me to re-assess.

 I am not a watercolourist -textiles , threads and the like are my tools of the trade and my preference.   But I have now discovered I have more or less always had dogs somewhere in amongst my experimental work.  When I return to my old sketchbooks, trials and experiments they are to be found, lurking, almost without any acknowledgement or credance - funny little fox terrier figures , funny little dog figures and sketches .................. just there.

Cant really say I have noticed them before and it certainly is not a theme that I have considered or even given any serious consideration to.

But now??

By allowing myself the time to revisit ideas, time to experiment, develop, move forward the dogs have appeared now in textiles, old fabrics , old textiles.  The little figures have been developed into 3 dimensional figures and these two are the prototypes of what will be a long journey, a journey to get them right, to enable them to appear from the sketchbooks into a medium that is my choice.

Sometimes it is absolutely necessary to allow oneself this time, the very special 'what if' time that as artists we so desparately need in order to progress , and to 'see'  those small details that so easily can be overlooked.

zaz ;0)

Thursday, March 24, 2016

the night before

its always a conundrum - the night before Open Studio....................

how many people will come ?? how much will I sell??  what will the weather hold??  etc etc etc ..........

but whatever the question, conundrums and is always the affirmation of my work that seals the deal!

I love the Open Studio weekend - its sheer hard work - nervousness - and the meeting with people that I wouldnt have otherwise met is fantastic!

But it is also the promotion of the technique of free and modern embroidery that drives me forward.  This subject has held me captive for over 30 years and I have never lost my enthusiasm for it ............

I have seen many relationships destroyed by this medium - not because it is destructive in itself but because of the unashamed power and confidence it offers to women who would otherwise be trapped in a domestic and belittling  situation.  I love this has pushed me to horizons unthinkable before I began my journey with embroidery and I have crossed pathways with many other women in a similar situation.

my work may sometimes appear frivolous and humourous but believe me behind the facade is 30 years of hard work!

I love embroidery and the journey and power it offers!