Sunday, May 19, 2019

angels on the table

my angels and figures are on the workshop table and are destined for a development and revamp.

the process takes time, energy , experience of those that went before and a certain amount of inspiration and enthusiasm....................

its an exciting time for me ...........and the figures!

interesting ...........and exciting! 


Thursday, April 25, 2019

open studios

Just recovering from 3  (and a half) days open studios och thinking back over all the amazing comments and good humour that my work received.............

It is always lovely to meet people , explain what I do and why , and then laugh about it.  My figures sold well this year as did my hangings - and an incredible interest in courses which I must now plan for the autumn.

This picture taken at our opening exhibition in Skärhamn Akvarell museum shows me trying to hide in the middle - typical me endeavouring to be invisible.. 

I will get around to posting pictures of my work ................sometime

ho hum ;0)  Zaz

Monday, January 28, 2019


'I sat looking out of the window after my lunch'  

this is a quote from a blog I read regularly of a lady who lives far up North in the UK - and I loved this quote and the picture of her looking out of the window and mulling over the future...................

just recently I have been working on a series of work based around the Magdalene laundries - with visions of weather worn walls, delapidated  and broken windows , rusty nail heads to mark burial grounds and the troubled and sad memories of these buildings............. 

Its been a series of textile works that I have had to work through - something that meant so much without explaination  - but just something that had to be stitched.

I will post pictures of my experiments , my trials and my small and sometimes sweet textile bits.  No reason why I needed to work through it - no idea why - just something that had to be done.

Its coming to an end but I am satisfied and pleased to have worked through the mire.


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

angel exhibition

Here on the island we have a cultural happening next week (week 40)  - it involves restaurants, art galleries, theatre - absolutely anything !  I have my studio open with an exhibition of angels completed by students who come to my workshops.  I am so proud of them - they work hard with all the curved balls I throw at them!

Workshops begin again next week after the exhibition but just at the moment I am enjoying the sight of all the angels hanging from the ceiling,

I have my fingers crossed that we get a whole load of visitors but the weather isnt anything special at the mo.


Monday, August 27, 2018

mad bugs

mad bugs are appearing here ...........I do love a creepy crawly - especially in velvet and silk

small strange creatures have appeared these autumn days ..........

no big deal

zaz  ;0)

Saturday, August 18, 2018

new courses, workshops and autumn days

New courses start in October - so pleased to be on the roll again - it reignites my creativity and gets me working again.

So now its just english teaching, embroidery teaching and autumn days ahead............. glorious!

After a phenomenal summer I am looking forward to autumn and winter..............  new ideas new inspirations and loads of thing to check out!

Ulf wants to move again..............not sure about that - but if the right house turns up - well - never say never !


Saturday, April 07, 2018

a stitchy sort of day

teaching today - free embroidery, free weaving - a day that is a' must have'  on my list of inspirational  days ¨.  Sharing with others the joys of stitching................

couldnt be better!

Next time - the angel is thats a little secret!  But it will be inspirational again!!