Thursday, July 16, 2015

off to a course

I am going out today to an embroidery course.  Now I know that this is no great shakes to those of you in the UK , USA or even other parts of the world but here in Sweden I am having great difficulty in locating courses that suit me.  So it will be an experience cos I dont go to courses very often.

I have been looking at the open college for a distance course - mainly to kick start my inspiration and also to satisfy  my infernal crititism of my own work that I have to produce '' work with depth and originality'.

Here (in Sweden) I find that there is a totally different attitude to textile art and work and I often struggle with understanding that dimension.

So in an effort to give it another I am off to a course....................

this little figure is a trial foundling , rust dyed wrap around wire and material body.


Friday, February 06, 2015

one of those days!

when nothing goes right !!

and one just feels like this...........

But then there is always tomorrow :0)

zaz ;0)

Tuesday, February 03, 2015


well, I am feeling a little homesick!  Unbelievable after 16 years of living abroad.....working here and being fluent in the lingo...... and what has brought about this phenomonem?  Am I missing Marmite? Oxo stock cubes or a bucket of rosie with Sainsburys red label???

Fact is , is that it is none of those.  I am missing the Embroiderers Guild - the branch meetings, the contact with wonderful , crazy like minded people.  I belonged to 2 branches of the EG and enjoyed every minute of the monthly workshops, the exhibitions , the talks and yes, the very long winded committee meetings.  And it is that lack of contact that is currently causing  my bout of homesickness and missing blighty.

Embroidery classes, workshops and contact with others is just not the same here in Sweden- I cant explain why but it isnt.

I wondered if there was an online branch of EG for people like me who are ex-pats but I havent come up with anything.

I also wondered about starting my own  branch of EG here - now that could be fun and challenging but dont know if its ''doable''.

Oh well!  I shall continue to surf and drool ...........and just remember those heady days of branch meeting and Xmas socials with  a sales table....................

off to the studio today - pictures later


Thursday, January 08, 2015

The Marionette maker

  I have always been fascinated by marionettes - and have a few which I have collected over the years.  They hang happily around my house and studio and I have an affinity with them and their characters.  The making of marionettes and puppets has also always beckoned so I decided to that now was the time to pursue the construction of this very complicated, multi faceted and dying art form.

There is a lot to learn - not just the stringing and movement but also the weighting of the marionettes.

I will document my attempts - they wont be great but I am determined that now is the best time to move forward .  In part it reflects my feelings about figures versus hangings somehow marionettes are considered more acceptable but to heck with that - I am just constructing because it has been a long time in my head to make one, two or maybe more.

So yesterday I set to the task and began the process - I love the body language posibilities this offers me - something which I have struggled with  with my figures- but something that I have consciously worked with - so far so good.

So hopefully today I will proceed with papier mache covering and possible stringing so she (??) can hang around too.

Thanks for the comments.- much appreciated.


Wednesday, January 07, 2015

figures versus hangings

Over the years I have constantly worked with both figures-(3 dimensional form)  and hangings.  I prefer to work 3dimensionally and naturally drawn to express myself in that way but commercially it is pictures and hangings that sell most.

I struggle with the desciptions of my figures - are they dolls? or not ?  I dislike the term 'doll' but am unsure why - it is just a name but the time, design element and work that goes into my figures is way above that that I dedicate to pictures and hangings.  I am always striving for a new figure - always experimenting, always searching for new materials and methods.

This dilema rears again now with the prospect of the  'open studio' period - I find myself working with figures but feeling guilty that I should be producing hangings to sell.
Currently I am working with wood and papier mache - a new idea and technique although both media I have worked with before but separately.  These figures will be painted . stitched and finished ready for open studio  - and the development into further models will continue.

The big question for me I work with hangings or continue unashamedly with my figures?

Sunday, January 04, 2015

towards the light

I guess I need the light to inspire me and in these dark wintry days it can be so hard to get going.  We have had some snow but not so much to worry about - and the light from the window on to my little ship that sits on the window sill provides a glow that warms my heart.
Today is a studio day with decisions to  be made about where my work is going, as well  as experiments with new figures - also exciting.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

on the work table

I am readdressing my wooden figures that I believe have so much potential but something that got missed when life got in the way!

Carved wood, balsa , soft wood - together with material and paper - now what can go be wrong with that ?

still working - zaz;0)