Thursday, March 24, 2016

the night before

its always a conundrum - the night before Open Studio....................

how many people will come ?? how much will I sell??  what will the weather hold??  etc etc etc ..........

but whatever the question, conundrums and is always the affirmation of my work that seals the deal!

I love the Open Studio weekend - its sheer hard work - nervousness - and the meeting with people that I wouldnt have otherwise met is fantastic!

But it is also the promotion of the technique of free and modern embroidery that drives me forward.  This subject has held me captive for over 30 years and I have never lost my enthusiasm for it ............

I have seen many relationships destroyed by this medium - not because it is destructive in itself but because of the unashamed power and confidence it offers to women who would otherwise be trapped in a domestic and belittling  situation.  I love this has pushed me to horizons unthinkable before I began my journey with embroidery and I have crossed pathways with many other women in a similar situation.

my work may sometimes appear frivolous and humourous but believe me behind the facade is 30 years of hard work!

I love embroidery and the journey and power it offers!



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