Thursday, July 16, 2015

off to a course

I am going out today to an embroidery course.  Now I know that this is no great shakes to those of you in the UK , USA or even other parts of the world but here in Sweden I am having great difficulty in locating courses that suit me.  So it will be an experience cos I dont go to courses very often.

I have been looking at the open college for a distance course - mainly to kick start my inspiration and also to satisfy  my infernal crititism of my own work that I have to produce '' work with depth and originality'.

Here (in Sweden) I find that there is a totally different attitude to textile art and work and I often struggle with understanding that dimension.

So in an effort to give it another I am off to a course....................

this little figure is a trial foundling , rust dyed wrap around wire and material body.



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