Friday, January 19, 2007

tagged on weird things

Oh - I have been tagged by Tanya to disclose 6 weird things about me .............well I suppose amongst the weirdest are the jobs I have had here goes:

1 - I have worked in a graveyard both digging and filling in graves - it was usually me that went down into the grave to put up the shoring boards

2 - I worked as a gardener for the Bishop of Tewkesbury in the UK.

3 - I have busked in the centre of Cheltenham, UK- playing guitar and singing - I was barefoot. (it was for charity!)

4 - I have sung and played guitar in many pubs around the Cheltenham/Glos, UK area.

5 -In spite of living in Sweden I do not eat fish!

6 - I have two half sisters that I have never met, dont know where they live and dont even know their names, but I know they exist somewhere.

Off to do some more textile work!



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