Monday, April 03, 2006


I have been working on my figures today for the exhibition at the end of April! I sort of thought that I would work in sets of 3 - dont ask why cos I dont know why - buts thats how it was going !

I have finished 3 foresty type figures - and am now working on 3 white hanging figures ! Now, usually all my figures are female types but tonight one of the white figures has turned out to be a bloke type figure!!!!

Where did he come from? and he looks quite chinesy!!! But there he is and it was him that determined he would be there !!!

The picture on the left here is my 'man' and on the right is the female equivalent!! I will finish him tomorrow but so far are quite pleased with his female counterparts!

I have quite a large hanging space and these figures will wave and move in the air ........................

I also have acquired some super pieces of plastic waste that I am raring to get started on tomorrow .............oooooooooer - I am so excited!!!



Blogger Gill said...

Great to see you on such form after some hard weeks, Sara. The figures are amazing...full of character.

11:58 PM  
Blogger MargaretR said...

They are so liflike, yet of another world Sara. Lovely work.

12:14 PM  

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