Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Faces and figures - thats my passion. They have always figured in my work, alongside the teabag obsession. So I have decided to work on faces and create a kind of face directory. A dictionary of faces in all kinds of techniques and materials. I would like to think that I could create one a day but sometimes commitment like that is not ideal as it can be overlooked easily and that in itself creates failure................... and I don't want to fail with this.

So guess it would be easier to work some faces stitched, some sketched, some just found .......and then direct them into a ''what if' project. That is really how I work anyway so to document it should be relatively easy.

As I am in the process of moving house I need this creativity and direction to focus my attention on - so these faces that I am beginning the project with, are ones that are already created and in an exhibition currently running. Somebody said they looked like me but I dont think so - at least it wasnt done consciously if they do.

Does my hair really look like that? I dont think so ;-) But I do think they portray a thinking mode and that is something I do do .....................a lot.



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