Saturday, September 05, 2009

Exhibition in English

I hung my third exhibition in the art gallery of the library today - Skärhamn Library , Tjörn, Sweden.

The work comprisesof modern embroidery undertaken during three evening classes with me - two of them angels and the third based on doorways and door openings.

How fantastic these women are , to accept the odd things I throw at them - puree tubes, glue gun decorations and plastic melting - and just run with it. I am so proud to be associated with these embroiderers and artists, and to work alongside them.

Truly amazing - thats what they are and their work is just as truly amazing as they are. Inspirational - encouraging - welcoming and just, well , fantastic.

The opening day was a real success - over 40 people came and I sold two embroideries and various small pieces.

Thank you - Swedish ladies.



Blogger Frances said...

Sara congratulations, the 2 angels here look lovely, wish I could join your class, I've never made dolls and to be honest find some that I see a bit creepy but I loved the angels you showed us last year and these too,
best thoughts

2:13 AM  

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