Thursday, October 22, 2009

just sometimes..............

Christmas is not that far away - really only just around the corner! I promised the church sewing circle ladies that I would embroider a cloth for their sales table - (note to self - learn to say ''no'' :0))

Trouble is - my idea of embroidery and the stuff I do is a long long way from the ladies fantastic, traditional, oh-so-neat embroidery.

The gauntlet is down - and the challenge has to be met!

I am trained in embroidery - traditional and otherwise - but it sometimes has to be proved.

So here is my little angel cloth - at least the start of it................... finely worked in French Knots and stranded thread................... and it tooks hours to do this much.

I might just do another in teabags and old puree tubes :0) Just to prove my point that is :0)

Zaz ;0)


Blogger MargaretR said...

It's coming along nicely Sara :) I look forward to the next one with the teabag and puree tube too.

7:58 AM  

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