Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Vävkompaniet had its summer bun fight tonight - so we ( well at least 6 of us !) went for a Thai meal in Borås!

Nice to relax and chat , makes a change to the usual rush of messages when we meet each other in passing ;-) Here are 3 pictures - Maria(left) sniffing the green curry before devouring it ................................

Imse (right) eyeing up the palm leaf covered chicken and wondering if she , in fact, made the right choice !!

and the inevitable bottle of wine ! Jacobs Creek - tastes just as good whether it is in Swedish or English!!!

Skål - ladies! lets hope for a really great summer - and thanks for a wonderful evening out



Blogger lynne said...

Looks like it was a grand "do".

Good luck to every member of Vävkompaniet--especially with their latest recycling projects.

11:10 AM  

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