Saturday, May 13, 2006


as I grow older in my shoes
I never noticed ageing clues.

I am me and always will
be a girl, enjoy the thrill!

I'm young inside and known to be,
I dont grow old or accept me.

The vision looking back, you know,
it is not me , i'm long ago

the girl with hat and powdered look
clear skin, bright hair , a picture book.

When did the time spill out its toll
when did I age and wither so?

what happened to my laughing eyes
the quizzled brow, the tiny size.

I'm older now ,but still the girl
with laughing eyes and kissing curl.

I still can see with young , steal deed,
the passing days of age indeed,

And if I am much older now
my thoughts are still of younger brow.



Blogger MargaretR said...

I like that Sara.
The last week or so I have been thinking along those lines. Then I decided on a makeover for myself.
A DIY job!
I have already had a new haircut and showed the young man who was the stylist a punky looking cut. Talking to that young man cheered me up, he was a Syrian and so pleasant. He said we would go half way this time, that I needed a modern 'chunky 'cut.
I need some new clothes now, nice modern things.

1:56 PM  
Blogger lynne said...

Why do we fear the passing of time?
Why do we worry when past our "prime"?
Experience leaves it`s mark on our face.
It tells of our life, and gives us grace.

Have we done well along life´s course?
Could we have done better, or even been worse?
Live for the day, never mind the tomorrow.
Every age has it´s own share of sorrow.

Face the future with hearts bright and strong.
Think not of age as you travel along.
"Seize the day", "Do your own thing"!
Who cares what tomorrow, the future will bring?

(57, and loving it ---Lynne)

5:47 AM  

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