Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another Module .............

done and dusted!

Module 3 and the first year completed! I cant believe it has gone so quickly............... james hunting has been my tutor for the last two modules and we have spent many an hour discussing, chatting and laughing on the phone.........

next tutor is Dorothy Tucker and Module 4 - and that starts ..............yikes! it started on Monday :0)

The Opus degree course is fantastic - best moNEy ever spent - I have come on leaps and bounds in my own work - more confident, more experimental.

Also my teaching again has proved a real bonus for me ladies here in Skärhamn are producing angels .................. at a rate of knots!

One every two weeks for 16 weeks - that makes 8 angels each - multiply that by 10 ladies and you will have 80 angels in an exhibition in december !!!

Am I proud or what?

Zaz ;-)


Blogger Helen Cowans said...

Looking forward to seeing all these Angels :)

1:10 AM  
Blogger Sue said...

Congratulations on another successful conclusion. I love this person: what size is she? And can I come and make angels, too? Or could you do an on-line course in angel-making? I need all the (divine) help I can get here, at the mo.

2:10 AM  
Blogger Gina said...

Congratulations Sara. I love the angel/person you've posted. I agree with everything you've said about boosting confidence etc. It is such a stimulating course. I've got James as my tutor this term. Looking forward to it.

9:14 AM  
Blogger Nita Bruce said...

Congrats on finishing your first year, Sara - so pleased you're getting a lot out of it. You'll enjoy working with Dorothy - I did!
Love the angel,


10:01 AM  
Blogger Frances said...

congrats on your fist year Sara, love your angel...beautiful, I took a class with Dorothy Tucker years ago at the Em. guild and really enjoyed it, she was a great tutor so you should enjoy your units with her,

1:57 AM  
Blogger Annica said...

Congratulations Sara! I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed your first year. Love your angel!

4:27 AM  
Blogger Myfanwy said...

Congratulations, Sara. That year did go quickly. Oh, and yes, I've been hearing about those angels from Sweden! What a small world......

2:19 AM  

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