Sunday, February 04, 2007

garden people

the garden people did not want to be created last evening! They would not do as they were told and ended up stilted and stiff!

Why is that? why is it sometimes we can produce a whole row of stuff and it just flows - other days (like a whole day yesterday) is spent being totally fruitless!
I gave up in the end ........I am rethinking this project - and will go back to original cloth doll patterns to search for something simpler - less complicated........perhaps that is what they want ??
I think I am going to try a simple, hinge jointed figure, flat face ..............almost gourd like - that is in my mind and wont go away until it is worked out!

anyway in the end I painted some faces in the hope I could use them for a pin swap with the yahoo group Surface Design - but I am not that thrilled with them either! Far too dolly for my liking !

oh well.................. back to the drawing board


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