Friday, May 05, 2006

weather and straight locks

well at last! spring has turned in to early summer and we now have temperatures that dont freeze your socks off! So I have planted some pansies , got out the garden furniture and generally now will be working outside think the blogging will be more intermittent from now on!'

I worked in Vävkompaniet shop on Wednesday - felt a bit nervous , I have to confess, but in reality that was unecessary as I sold nothing, zilch, ingenting!!!!! So not the best start to my membership!

But on a more positive note - I took down some dyed material to sell ..............and thought (just me that is ;.-)) that it looked quite good!

Yesterday was the bi-monthly trip to the hairdresser and I still am fascinated about straightening my hair!

Having lived .....................a very long time with thick wavy hair - you know the sort , the stuff mothers liked to 'push into 'nice waves' before going out to school!!! ,........errrrrr yuk!!!!!!!!!!! So now I have decided at my great age that I am going to have straight hair - and have bought one those hair ironing thingys!

Ha!!! great fun! I religiously straighten it every morning so now my hair looks like a wig and is a cross between Tina Turner and Rod Stewart - but it is , at least, straight!!!! Eat you heart out Mother!

however , my hairdresser now informs me that curly hair is back in fashion.........................oh no!! and I have thrown away those old 'Twink' packets! ho hum!

off to the studio to work.................



Blogger Helen Suzanne said...

Hej Sara, I'd be rushing straight over to those dyed fabrics ;)) as they look so yummy

6:03 AM  
Blogger lynne said...

Hej, I love those dyed fabrics too. What super colours!

Well I´m blowed! --wouldn´t you think that relations would get the first peek! :) :) :).

Pity you didn´t sell anything though--better luck next time.

6:23 AM  

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