Thursday, September 13, 2012

A-O Kalldin 22.8 2012

A-O Kalldin,  an old neighbour of mine, died in August 2012.

In 2006 when I moved to Tjörn I wrote a poem celebrating this rather unique man - and I now post it again here in honour of his memory.

A-O - rest in peace my friend.

''Eye of Newt and toe of frog,
Wool of bat and tongue of dog,
Adders fork and blind worms sting,
Lizards leg and howlets wing ---
For a charm of powerful trouble
like a hell broth boil and bubble''

from Macbeth (1V , i, 14-15)

A-O Kalldin - 1938- 2012

Beside my house - guess what I found
a treasure that is very sound!
A Swede who loves to read and write,
whose music taste is certain right.
He reads the classics - and discuss
the meanings of the phrases, thus.
He loves to cook and try anew
the recipes that trial a few.
His music taste is jazz and blues
and classic chantings, soul filled news.
He knows the seasons, plants and weeds
around the garden , gentle deeds.
His vision is not far away
from Santa Claus - and to this day
my joy at having such a friend
beside my house, is wishfull end.
I garden busy in the shrubs
and up he turns amongst the tubs.
First, blueberry pie, then made ice cream
home grown potatoes - waking dream.
We talk about the plants and things
like dipping pens and birds that sing.
We talk on art and then we view
his gallery of art - so true!
He collects all sorts of art, this man
enjoying art that artists can.
I cant express my sheer delight
that right next door, and to the right,
A man whose soul has reached to mine,
whose love of life and all divine
lives just next door, beside the track
that runs along the hen house back.

sara hansson - july 2006

Zaz ;-)


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